Odette New York is a Brooklyn-based jewelry line inspired by organic and industrial shapes, natural specimens, uncommon artifacts, and primitive forms; made using ancient and modern wax carving techniques and hand fabrication.

With an emphasis on artistry and craft, each design begins from a pencil sketch that is carefully translated by hand into wax like a small scale sculpture before being cast into materials as varied as recycled sterling silver, brass, bronze, diamonds, and 14K gold.

Founded in 2006 by artist Jennifer Sarkilahti, Odette jewelry is designed and crafted by hand in her Brooklyn studio. Sarkilahti studied fine arts, receiving her Master of Fine Arts in Painting from George Mason University and her hand-textured surfaces have become signature to the collection.

Odette New York jewelry is made in New York City.

Odette Dala Horse Necklace
Odette Dala Horse Necklace $110.00
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Odette Kronos Bracelet
Odette Kronos Bracelet $160.00
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Odette Hera Cuff
Odette Hera Cuff $98.00 - Sold Out
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Odette Ridge Cuff
Odette Ridge Cuff $138.00
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Odette Hera Stacked Cuff
Odette Hera Stacked Cuff $160.00
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Odette Switchback Ring
Odette Switchback Ring $185.00
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Odette Split Ridge Cuff
Odette Split Ridge Cuff $185.00
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Odette Mandala Ring - Brass
Odette Mandala Ring - Brass $138.00
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Odette Klaia Cage Ring - Brass
Odette Klaia Cage Ring - Brass $138.00
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Odette Freya Spine Ring
Odette Freya Spine Ring $138.00 - Sold Out
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Odette Artemis Earrings
Odette Artemis Earrings $120.00
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Odette Double Arrowhead Earrings
Odette Double Arrowhead Earrings $98.00
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Odette Ojos Cuff Ring
Odette Ojos Cuff Ring $149.00
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